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The visit

Aurora Basecamp is a beautiful facility designed to give you a warm and good Northern Lights Experience. There are three heated domes on our site. Two of them are lounges and one contains a small educational exhibition which we call The Dark Park. When you visit Aurora Basecamp a guide will take you through The Dark Park and inform you of the different phases of the lights. This is a 10-15 minute introduction including the simulation of the current activity of the Aurora Borealis in our unique Northern Lights Mirror Tubes.

As a Northern Lights Observatory, the real magic happens outside when the conditions are right. The guided Dark Park visit ends in the outdoor area that is low lit with benches around open fire pits so that you can stay warm outside as well while admiring the endless space or simply enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. Of course, you are also welcome to sit inside our warm lounge and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate as you wait for the magic to happen.



A unique experience

The Aurora Borealis is one of the world’s most fascinating, beautiful, and mysterious phenomena. Now, you can get an unprecedented look at what causes the northern lights and their spectacular displays – and have a unique experience watching the Aurora Borealis in the company of our expert guides.

Aurora Basecamp is a one-of-a-kind facility, offering guests the chance to experience a real-time, indoor simulation of the Northern Lights, in a warm and relaxing environment. From there, our expert guides lead you out into the Icelandic night, and if the conditions are right you’ll get breathtaking views and photos of the real thing!


Aurora lounge

The Aurora Lounge at Aurora Basecamp is a cozy and low lit Geodesic dome, furnished with tables and benches and with plenty of hot chocolate for warming up on the cold winter night. The Lounge is fully staffed with experts that will tell you everything you need to improve your chances at seeing the Natural Northern Lights on any given night of the season. 


Dark park

The most unique lighting in all of Iceland

The Dark Park is our educational area in a heated dome that is interconnected with our lounge. Here, your guide will walk you through the stages of the Northern Lights and give you the information you need to increase you chances of seeing Northern Lights.
The Dark Park also has the most unique lighting in all of Iceland and maybe even the world! Inside 4 large glass tubes, we’ve replicated the conditions to match the blend of the gases and air pressure where the Northern Lights are formed in the upper atmosphere. The gases are then charged with electrical energy, creating the actual Northern Lights just as they appear in the skies above us. It’s a scientifically accurate and beautiful display that mirrors what’s going on in the night skies.

Spending time in the Dark Park will also help you to have a better Northern Lights viewing experience when you step out into the night. That’s because the Dark Park’s lighting will give your eyes a break from the lights that we experience in urban areas. And the Dark Park’s low light will help your eyes adjust to the darkness outside – which in turn will make the colors of the Aurora itself become brighter and more visible!


Private parties or meetings

Our event venue is perfect for small parties and special occasions, especially if you are looking for something unique and memorable.

  • Incentive groups
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Workshops
  • Confirmations


Our guide gave a wonderful explanation about the lights. He lit a fire for us and there was hot chocolate offered. We saw the aurora dancing in the sky. It really is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

- From TripAdvisor

“Perfect place to see the aurora!!”

I’d highly recommend visiting here if you’re hoping to see the northern lights during your trip. We visited on our first night and enjoyed the whole experience. The guide was so friendly and really knows his stuff! It was so nice to keep warm by the fire, enjoying the hot chocolate while hoping for the lights to appear, we were lucky enough to see them when we visited and it topped off the whole experience, 10/10!

- From TripAdvisor