We suggest you visit Aurora Basecamp at the beginning of your trip in Iceland, on your first or second evening. You can use the information and knowledge you get here to increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights. We have received the following comment many times from guests that arrive at our site on their last evening without having any luck looking for the Northern Lights: “I wish we had come here in the beginning of our trip” 

Although our Domes are heated up and you can sit inside the warm and cozy lounge, we do encourage everyone to have on outdoor winter clothing. It gives you the chance to sit outside by the fire pits and if the Northern Lights do appear, everyone wants to stand outside to enjoy and photograph the phenomenon. 

We wish we could. But this is a natural phenomenon, so unfortunately, we cannot promise you that. But, if you do not see the Northern Lights at Aurora Basecamp and you wish to visit us again during your stay in Iceland, we welcome you back free of charge if there is availability to do so. Just talk to the staff and make the arrangements before you leave the site on your first visit. Please note, we do not provide transfer and the re-visit must be done within 3 weeks from the first visit.