About us

What is Aurora Basecamp?

The Northern Lights Observatory is a purpose-built site designed to instruct visitors in how to increase their chances of having a safe and successful aurora viewing experience in Iceland – both at the Aurora Basecamp facility itself and during their travels throughout the country.

We are convinced that a visit to Aurora Basecamp increases the chance of visitors to have a positive experience of the northern lights during their stay in Iceland. Many clients, after having no luck hunting for the aurora on their own, have expressed the opinion that they wish they had visited the Basecamp at the start of their trip so they would have had a better idea of what to look for. This is why we strongly recommend visitors come to us at the very beginning of their visit to Iceland so that we can help to increase the chances of a successful search for the aurora borealis. Our advise to all of our guests is to plan the visit to Aurora Basecamp on day 1 or day 2 of their itinerary. And of course, seeing the lights at our site is spectactular! 

The location of the Basecamp was specifically selected based on statistics that show that the Reykjanes Peninsula gives the best opportunity for seeing the lights in the capital area. Weather patterns show that this location more often provides clear skies than many other nearby areas and access to the area and road conditions are well maintained year round.


Aurora Basecamp is also available for all kinds of events and the past year has proven that there is a great demand for it all year round.